ORS Curls unleashed. 

Finally, a store in South Africa has launched a natural hair care range for the girls with the curls and the fro’s! Clicks Haircare range has numerous products I have never tried! 

The first I tried out was the ORS range called Curls Unleashed, unfortunately, after trying it for 2 days I was not very happy with the results on my hair. 

My curls were flat and lifeless which was quite disappointing considering the fact that it was so expensive. By the end of the day I was losing shape in my curls and pretty much ended up with my hair tied both days! 

Hopefully ORS will improve its products to benefit more hair types. It might be my hair type specifically that suffered a great loss from experiencing the true results from this product. 

If you wish to purchase them here’s the items and prices: 

  1. Curl boosting jelly- R139.95
  2. Leave in conditioner- R159.95
  3. Curl defining creme- R199.95
  4. Sulfate free shampoo- R159.95


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