A risk I’m glad I took

On Saturday I attended a wedding. For the first time EVER I attended the wedding with my hair curly. I know I know, as an advocate for curls I should be ashamed to know I have never been willing to embrace them at a wedding because I always thought they were just not formal enough. 

The stigma around curls is it’s a casual look and having it down for a formal event Was just a complete no, first off because I thought it doesn’t look the part and secondly because straight hair is what’s seen as formal. 

I’m proud to say I loved my look with my curls, I made a plait on the side of my head for a bit of a different spin on my Curly fro. 

Curls are meant to be rocked everywhere you go. Be it a wedding or to work. If people with straight hair can walk around with it on display everyday and everywhere, why can’t we? It’s not to be reserved for casual Fridays. 

-Curly girl 


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