Goodbye blonde

During my most recent visit to the hair dresser I decided to do something that shocked me 👀. I chose to cut away the part of my hair that I had dyed. Now, for me, it broke my heart watching my hair hit the ground but it was worth it. The one benefit to the cut is now all the hair on my head is healthy, no more split ends! As much as I hate even trimming my hair, it has to be done.  

On product news: dischem and Clicks have amazing sales on both Cantu and aunt Jackies products at the moment. Be it a 2 for 1 special or buy 3 and get the cheapest one free it’s on special and the only thing better than having amazing curls is cheap products to put on your curls! 
On blog posts: my most recent idea was to blog other ladies and gentlemen’s (because guys have curls too and some even read my blog!) curly hair journey. If you interested in telling me about your journey please let me know ❤. I would love to know your tricks to keeping your curls going. The more we help each other the nicer the group pictures will look. 

-Girl with curls


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