For the girls with passion

This blog post is one for girls.. Girls who let anger, hate and resentment build up inside. As a teenage girl I have had my fair share of built up “hatred” towards other girls, for a while it’s a rave speaking about how much you hate some girl and then listing all she has ever done wrong to you. While we feed into this deep emotion we actually create scenarios and memories in our minds that are far beyond the actual truth of the situation. We put so much thought into it that it affects our ability to separate the fact from the fiction. We build up this image that in turn makes us hate even more. 

I experienced a very worrying scenario where someone was able to build up so much hatred toward me she wasn’t able to control her emotion just because she could see me. When I look back I could not identify a single incident that would remotely equal such a dramatic reaction. It really gets to me because someone could build up so much resentment toward me. 

I feel as if us girls should learn how to confront our anger and speak to those it involves and not entertain it by spreading the words to those who don’t need to hear it. 

We are such beautiful beings. We shouldn’t waste our time building up so much negative emotions, we have lives to live and should live them to the fullest. Focus on what’s important in your life and don’t let anger, fear, hatred or resentment take a hold of your life. 


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